Innoplas Solutions has come a long way since it was established to become the major player of plastic solutions provider. Innoplas Solutions provides comprehensive services that suit customers in a wide spectrum of industries. Our Company's core business is to fabricate, install and distributing of various kind of plastic materials including acrylic, fiberglass, polycarbonate, polypropylene, PVC foam sheet, rigid PVC and other specialised plastic materials . We pride ourselves in providing products that are of cost effective, exceptional quality and prompt delivery.

Our vast experience and exposure from past projects, supported by our pool of dedicated professionals, enable us to suit different customer needs and provide them with up market quality products. Over the years, we have earned unsurpassed reputation in the market. The achievement of such efficiency is made possible through careful management planning and expedient use of our human, financial, technical and production resources. In additions, we have integrated our comprehensive range of contracting skills and production under the same roof. We constantly put in our effort in products research and development to meet market standard and to upgrade constantly in order to cater for customer rapidly changing needs. This is what makes us different.